How blessed we were to have these wonderful “Seniors” as part of our lives.

Bushido (Shido), our 13 yr. old Boxer, was hours from being euthanized when we brought him home in November 2012; he had been dropped off at Denver Municipal Animal Shelter because he was emaciated and no longer wanted. Shido was a wonderful “Old Man” who brought lots of love to our home. A true warrior to the end, Shido chose his favorite tree to lay under and made his journey to a better place in the arms of his human mom. We will miss his ever protecting nature and ever present “hitch” in his giddy-up. Thank you Bushido for blessing our family.

RIP “Burrito”…

Lucy Liu, our 14 yr.old Bulldog, was dropped off at an out of state shelter with six rotten teeth, a double ear infection, an upper respiratory infection, untreated chronic dry eyes and tremendous arthritis in her shoulders. Lucy Liu came into our lives January 2014 and blessed our home with love for an additional two years and ten months . She was a loving girl who looked after her fur brothers and sisters. We will miss her kind eyes and her inability to keep her food in her bowl while eating. Thank you Lucy Liu for blessing our family.

RIP “Goose”…

Dr. Stacee Kim is one of the most compassionate vets we have had the privilege to meet. She has such a wonderful “bedside” manner and is so genuinely concerned for the patients well-being and comfort. It meant a great deal to our family that she was part of this journey. The dignity with which she treated Lucy Liu was so appreciated. Thank you Dr. Kim.