15 years ago I found the most beautiful red toy poodle running the streets of Houston, Texas. She ran up to me and pretty much asked for help. She was 3 years old, a level 2 starvation, had parasites and was very neglected. Both of our words changed after that day even though I clearly expressed to family and friends that I was only fostering her. Boy, I was wrong! She was MINE! We flew back to Denver and she never left my side except to greet anyone she met. She was kind, easy going, loving and so incredibly cute.

July 31st I had to make the most difficult decision to call Caring Pathways and spoke to a very compassionate person who set us an appointment within 5 hours of my call. I can’t say I kept it together when Dr. Lori arrived but every step and every word she said couldn’t haven’t been more caring & clear. Coco left this world with so much peace and loving care, it blew me away. Dr. Lori, you’re amazing. Coco was carried away and taken to be be cremated per my request.
I not only received the most beautiful hand written card but my 6 year old son was included for his loss too. Thank you.

I will forever hold a special piece of my heart for Caring Pathways and can’t express how instrumental your practice is with coping with the grieving process.

Thank you,
Danica & Vaughn Larson