The day I adopted Gizmo, I wanted one of the other kittens that had become available at the Denver Animal Shelter the same day. As I walked past his cage a couple times, he would stretch out as far as possible to catch my attention (no other cats did that). He knew before I did that he was going to be with me and it was an easy choice after that – to bring him home with me. As it would turn out, Gizmo was the first missing piece I didn’t know was missing. He was funny and weird and annoying and expensive and perfect. He would meet me at the door and hug my arm while I slept. He was the enemy of any roll of toilet paper and black clothing. He loved to tug at my curly hair. Even when I was at my lowest point, he wanted to be around me. He was magical.

It has been 8 months since I made the decision It has been difficult and weird some days. Others are more fun when I remember the silly and stupid things he used to do. As much I look back, I am looking forward to opening my heart again.