Lucy Sue came into our home in 2010 as a puppy through Basset Hound Rescue. She was a stray found on the streets in Kansas City and flown on a transport plane to CO and placed into a foster home. Lucy was with us through getting married, the loss of our first dog (Sherman), two children, building a home, new companies and job losses. She was always consistently there – clacking her toenails down the hallway, barking at the most inconvenient times, hiding treats everywhere in our house, laying in the sun on the back porch in the summer, chasing rabbits in the snow in the winter. Somehow, without us quite realizing it was happening – Lucy became a senior citizen. She went from bouncing, to trotting, to a slow gait. Her fur turned from chestnut brown to gray to completely white. One day we noticed that her legs were starting to slide out from under her while she walked. She had arthritis and had been on medication for some time – but the sliding was new. I took her to the vet the next day and we found out she had terminal liver cancer. We brought her home – spent the next 24 hours cuddling her, feeding her cheeseburgers and nuggets from McDonalds and telling her how much we loved her. We said goodbye to Lucy on February 10, 2023. She fell asleep on her bed in front of the fireplace – her favorite spot to snooze.