McLovin, most people knew him as Dude, passed away peacefully Monday morning.

Dude was a sweet and beautiful dog, he was an athlete, ran fast, lean and whippet like. He was brindle and had soft fur and a big ruff around his neck. Dude was always a quiet, patient and calm dog, seemingly aloof, but really, he was just shy, sensitive and introverted. You know who you are if you were one of his favorites because he would approach you.

Dude liked to play with other dogs, and enjoyed taking a nightly flyer around the neighborhood to check out his friends. He was heartbroken and scared last October when Belle died suddenly. They were Yin and Yang and he depended upon Belle to protect him. I’m not sure he ever recovered from this loss.

He was always excited to go for a ride in the car, a walk or hike and come to the office. He liked to sneak on the love seat in the office and have an afternoon nap. He always went downstairs with Paul in the mornings as he was about to leave for work to get a couple of treats. He jumped very high. Asking him to snuggle with you on the couch was accompanied by groans and creaky moans. He didn’t like loud music or TV and would sneak away to another room to chill. He liked to play bridge.

McLovin joined our family in November 2008 at the age of 14 weeks quite by chance. We were on our way to the grocery store on a Sunday morning, and had Belle with us when we saw a sign from #EAPL that advertised photos with Santa. We stopped, and looked at the puppies for adoption and we saw McLovin in a kennel with 3 litter mates. We scooped him up, took the photo with Santa and a grimacing Belle and adopted him.

The night before McLovin passed I fell asleep praying for angels to come and carry him away. His final resting spot was his bed beside the fireplace and the doctor who accompanied him was named Angel. So true. We will miss you with all our hearts.