Mr. ChaCha was a feisty, in-charge, loving Chihuahua mix that dropped into my heart in 2009 when I saw him through a shelter window. He had kennel cough and was 50% his weight. He was four years old at the time and I immediately became “his person”. We locked eyes and that was it. We had an amazing 14 years together hiking, going to work with me, spending time with family, and, for the most part, being my shadow. He was my little good man and that will never change no matter what the circumstances. His favorite times were sleeping in the sun on the bed together, snuggling and gentle neck scratches in the morning and sitting in my lap while I worked. Lots of ear massages (his fav) and kisses. He had the best “velvet ears”! I loved whispering in his ear how much I loved him during the day.

He didn’t take any nonsense from anyone and protected me on multiple occasions with his signature ChaCha bark. He was there for me on many occasions during some of the hardest times in my life. I know he is up in doggie heaven running around without pain like a new puppy. He will live forever in my heart and will be dearly missed. I love you so much Mr. ChaCha.