I just want to thank Dr. Mindy Brewster and the Caring Pathways team for providing such a wonderful service to myself and other pet owners. I had to have my two pups put down yesterday and Dr. Brewster was simply amazing! The level of compassion and preparedness she showed during our visit really helped to ease us all through the transition we were faced with. It’s never easy going through something like this with your pets but being able to do it in the comfort and familiarity of your own home with someone who shows so much love and compassion makes such a difference.

I want to thank Dr. Brewster again for doing such a wonderful job with both of my boys, Rocky and Sammy, and I am forever grateful to her for what she was able to do for us. I know her job is NOT easy and I know she shares in the pain and emotion with these events so I wanted to make sure she knows how much we appreciate what she did for us yesterday.

Thank you!!