There are not enough words to describe the joy this sweet baby brought into our lives. Snickers was a barn cat, born in New Underwood, SD, and when I was just 10 years old, she made it into my life when I wrangled her up and played with her while visiting my grandparents farm. I was able to convince my parents to let me bring her home and it was the best choice I could’ve ever made. She had spent every waking moment with me from elementary school all the way to graduate school. She moved to so many college apartments, all the way across the country and back, and never complained once. She was full of energy and feisty, but also just wanted to be held and cuddled when we went to bed each night. She had been through all of my trials and tribulations with me and I could not have asked for a better first best friend. She got to spend her last days with my mom and I, as well as her annoying little cat brother, Twix, and two of her dog siblings as well, Cassie and Otter. She went peacefully the night of April 21, 2022 in our backyard where she loved to hang out surrounded by nothing but peace and love. A tree will be planted in her memory right in the spot where she was laid to rest. I could not have imagined that almost 14 years ago, deciding on that little kitten who we thought would be so quiet and relaxed would make for the most rambunctious but loving best friend I could’ve ever asked for. I will forever remember all of the joy and happiness she brought into our lives.