After losing our beloved dog about 6 months earlier in 2004, our family decided that we wanted a cat. We adopted Stripes at a local shelter at the age of 3 and when we brought her home she hid under the bed for 2 days. When she finally came out, she become more trusting and a loving member of our family. She was a very vocal kitty with the most beautiful green eyes, who decided the time and place to get the attention she wanted.  She loved hanging out in the backyard, and more recently brought in a couple of mice and a big grasshopper to play with.

She was a very healthy kitty. A few months after her 16th birthday, she started to go into failing health.  On September 17, 2018, Dr. Nicole very compassionately helped Stripes on her journey to the rainbow bridge where we hope to see her again. We love and miss her terribly.

Rest In Peace.

Karen, Tim, Cassie and Alex