This is Sydney, aka, Duchess. I only had her 4 years, rescuing her from people who didn’t have the time to give her the attention and love she deserved.

We rescued each other. She made me laugh each day. She loved to chase water from the hose in the summer, she could do it all day if I had the stamina to do it. She would bark and bite the water. When we would finish, I would wrap her in a towel and hold her on my lap, sitting in the yard. Sometimes we would fall asleep. She could sit like that for a long time, in my arms. She loved to snuggle at night in bed and this 25 pound girl would frequently hog the bed. She had 3 little stuffed bears in different rooms and always managed to find one on her own to hug and sleep with.

When I would watch TV she would be on the couch with her head on my lap. Sydney touched my heart unlike any other dog I have had. I take some comfort knowing I gave her a good life that she deserved and she is frolicking with her buddy, Gus, over the Rainbow Bridge.