Oh how I adore Theodore. Teddy with the good heart. Four thousand four hundred and sixteen days was not enough to spend with him, but it was enough to realize how fortunate I am to have the been his mom. I adopted him at 10 months old and I wasn’t sure at the time if I would be able to care for a visually impaired dog. Reflecting back, there’s nothing I would have changed as he showed me what he needed. There was no sweeter dog than Teddy. Up until the very end he showed nothing but love and gentleness to anyone around him.

While the void and pain will be ever lasting, knowing that I got to take care of him for nearly 13 years providing him with love and he in return is what I will hold on to. He gave me 12.75 years worth of memories. While he was blind, he could see probably more than I could ever know. He didn’t let his blindness define him. If you ever saw him walk, you know that he walked with more confidence than a lot of doggos who have no visual impairments. He’s climbed beautiful mountains, swam in beautiful lakes, displayed on a Chicago billboard, and traveled to 19 states!

I will miss him every single day. His purrs, trots, smile, the snoring, the chatter of his teeth when he had a good yawn, his sighs when he found a comfy spot, his bark, him basking in the sun, snuggling, scratching his butt dance, patience with his siblings, and of course his happy feet. The house already feels too eerily quiet and that was instantaneous with his last breath at 3:13 am. In his final moments he still showed some sass and I think that was his way of leaving us with a laugh. What is comforting is knowing he trusted us to listen to him when he told us he was ready to go. It’s comforting knowing he is no longer in pain, breathing with ease, and knowing how much he was loved by so many people, some who have never even met him in person. He made me a better person. Many thanks to Caring Pathways, especially Dr. Paola who answered our call late in the night and helped Teddy rest by coming over at 2:30 am. Without her, his place of transition would’ve been a cold veterinary clinic. We will forever be grateful and remember your kindness! Thank you CP Team for the beautiful flowers and card. The Goodest Boy!