TeleAdvice Appointments

A TeleAdvice Appointment with one of our veterinary hospice and palliative care professionals facilitate in-depth conversations using video conferencing to help you better understand the quality of your pet’s life. We’ll also explain options for comfort and end-of-life care.

*Note: While we are happy to schedule a TeleAdvice appointment with any family for any situation, there are limitations that prevent a thorough physical exam, diagnostic testing, and prescribing abilities due to state law.

Teleadvice vet
Teleadvice vet

How to Schedule a TeleAdvice Appointment

  • Please click on “Reserve a TeleAdvice Appointment” below.
    • If you prefer not to self-schedule and would like assistance, please click “scheduling help” and we will coordinate with you via chat message as soon as possible to schedule an appointment time. Note: Weekend availability for scheduling assistance is limited and it may take up to 48 hours for a response. 
  • Please select your appointment type:
    • TeleAdvice with palliative care veterinary nurse ($129).
    •  You may also filter by specific providers if desired.
  • Please select the date and time that work best for you from the calendar provided. Dates that show a light blue circle reflect dates with availability based on the filters you set.
  • Click on the link provided in your confirmation email and/or text message to open the virtual platform. This will bring you to an open chat window. Please click “Get Started” and follow the instructions to pay your deposit.
    • **PLEASE NOTE an online deposit is required within 1 hour of booking to secure your appointment time. This deposit is FULLY refundable if we are notified of cancellation at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. **
  • Once scheduled, you will receive additional text and email messages confirming your appointment and providing further instructions for joining the video call. You will also receive a form to fill out to help us get to know your pet. Please fill this form out prior to your appointment time as it will help us prepare for your teleAdvice appointment. 
  • After the consultation, you will receive a report containing a summary of the discussion and any recommendations made. Other resources and information may be provided based on your conversation with our team. Please consider sharing the summary document with your family veterinarian following your appointment.

TeleAdvice Tips

  • It is recommended to choose a time that all members of the family who are involved in your pet’s care will be available without distractions.
  • Your veterinary hospice and palliative care professional may want to see your pet during the video call to evaluate their breathing, attitude, comfort, mobility, and overall physical condition. You may use a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other web-camera and microphone enabled device.
  • The appointment will generally follow these main points of conversation:
    1. How to objectively measure quality of life.
    2. Your pet’s unique situation and what might be expected as you move forward in this journey.
    3. We will provide an objective opinion about your pet’s current status and a recommendation of the best next steps to consider (such as pursuing further care or seeking peaceful euthanasia).

Client Testimonial

“Erin was my vet tech nurse. I experienced her as warm, caring, and knowledgeable. Talking with her was like getting a long distance hug. She was very helpful as we transverse this path. Erin was a good introduction conversation to Caring Pathways. I would also say that every contact so far has been positive in a most difficult time. Thank you.”

From Maureen, A TeleAdvice Client

Hear from a Veterinary Professional

“Navigating a pet’s end-of-life journey is challenging, to say the least.

Many families seek TeleAdvice appointments to discuss:

  • How to assess their pet’s quality of life.
  • How to recognize signs of pain.
  • What the progression of disease can look like.
  • What options may exist to incease their pet’s comfort.  
  • How to make end-of-life decisions for their pet.

We can cover quite a bit in a 30 minute video consultation. Sometimes, just ‘talking it out’ with an experienced and compassionate veterinary professional can be very helpful by providing an objective, outside viewpoint. It is a privilege to help families better understand what can be a tough but very important chapter of their beloved companion’s life.”

Erin Coonrod BS, RVT, CHPT, Caring Pathways Hospice Care Nurse

What Type of End-of-Life Assessment is Best for My Pet?

Please note: If you are located outside of the Colorado Front Range (Castle Rock to Fort Collins), the Charlotte Metro Area in North Carolina, and the Virginia Beach area in Virginia, please visit the In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanaisa Directory for in-home service options. 

TeleAdvice Appointment

A TeleAdvice Appointment is a great opportunity to discuss your pet’s current condition, any diagnoses your pet has been given, for you to learn how to objectively evaluate and measure quality of life, and to develop a palliative care and/or end of life plan for your pet. This option is best for pets that are being monitored and cared for by your family veterinarian as an added resource to your pet’s care team.

While we are happy to schedule a TeleAdvice appointment with any family for any situation, there are limitations that prevent a thorough physical exam, diagnostics, and certain prescribing abilities due to state law, so if you are at the beginning of your pet’s end of life journey, a visit to your family veterinarian may be recommended to be sure your pet has the best quality of life possible during their journey.

In-Home Hospice Assessment

An In-Home Pet Hospice Assessment is also a great opportunity to discuss all of the above as well as have a hands-on exam for your pet. This can help determine underlying concerns that should be addressed and if humane euthanasia is elected, your pet’s peaceful passing can occur at the same appointment. This option is best for pets that may or may not be monitored and cared for by your family veterinarian, pets who cannot safely or easily be transported to your family veterinarian anymore, or your pet that you believe may be at the end of their journey but you’d like an objective hands-on evaluation before making the decision to provide humane euthanasia. Your pet must be tolerant of strangers for this appointment to be successful. The limitations of this type of appointment are that diagnostics (radiographs/bloodwork) cannot be performed so diagnoses cannot be made but some prescriptions can be scripted/refilled at the veterinarian’s discretion.

Veterinary Visit

A Veterinary Visit at your family veterinarian is recommended for any pets that need diagnostics (blood work, radiographs, etc…) to diagnose their ailments or for routine monitoring for certain long term medications or conditions. It is in your pet’s best interest to have a diversified care team as you enter into their end of life journey and we are happy to communicate with your veterinarian to be sure your pet’s care team is on the same page every step of the way.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet in-person and/or virtually; please let us know how we can best support your family during this time.