September 9, 2022 was a very painful day, but I am so grateful that we had Caring Pathways to guide us through such a loss. Ada was my baby girl and we were together from when she was 12 weeks old until she was 12 years old. Saying goodbye to my best friend, my protector, my comfort, my saving grace was so hard. Although, the pain I feel with her absence, I would go through a million times over to have experienced one day with her. And the pain I felt making that dreadful decision, was the least I could do for ger honor and to give her the dignity she deserved. That baby girl stood by me, without judgment, for 12 fast years and always showed unconditional love. She was a happy go lucky, brindle pittie baby. She truly lived to show love, get love, and sunbathe. I miss her still and will miss her all of my days, until we meet again. Thank you for giving such care, love, and compassion to us.