My name is Ansel. I am a rescue dog and had a rough start to my life. I was about 3 years old when I found my forever family and got my second chance. They loved me even with all my fears and showed me the patience I needed to be a happy and trusting dog. It was scary for a dog like me to learn that all humans are not bad. But my family helped show me the way with love and kindness and everything I needed to feel safe.

My family loved me so much and is missing me now. I hope I always let them know how happy I was and how much I loved them. I think I did! I enjoyed becoming one “hot dog” with having fun in my big back yard, going on lots of walks and riding in the car. My favorite things to do were to sleep with my bestfriend, Emilee, in her bed and to enjoy amazing spa days she gave me. Oh, did I look and smell good when she was done. Felt like a princess dog. My time with my forever family was shorter than we all hoped but it was the best. My last day with them had happy moments but my cancer had made me tired and it was time for me to rest. I had fought as long as I could. Caring Pathways made sure I left peacefully surrounded by my family’s beautiful voices and loving touches in my comfortable bed in my happy home.

Good-bye for now family – I am waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.