I can still remember my baby girl the day she became mine and made her a part of my home. Aphrodite was the runt and was picked on by the other puppies. I remember picking her up in a corner where she lied nestled own her own. She looked lonely, confused and partially frightened. I scooped her and held her and at that moment she fell asleep in My arms. I Knew then this little angel was mine.

I will certainly miss the walks and the conversation I shared with her when I didn’t think anybody else was listening. I will miss how you always knew when I was in despair and it was time to comfort me.

In Your older days you had so many extravagant rays of energy that were similar to an endless day of sunshine. I remember in the last few days you could barely walk and just didn’t want to eat anymore and those rays of sunshine had just turned to cloudy dreary days that made sunshine seem like an extinct past.

16 years Darling. The best 16 years a man could ever dream of. Goodbye Baby Angel. You’re in My Roots.