The 13.5 years that we spent with our Golden Retreiver, Aran, went by way too quickly. Aran spent many happy hours with us retrieving balls. She loved the water and swam with her head held high doing a graceful doggie paddle.

Sadly in the fall of 2014 we came to realize that our magnificent pet was quickly failing in health. She had problems walking and was loosing weight. We struggled with the fact that we needed to do the right thing and allow her to pass on in peace. But who should we call?

I explored the Internet and was lucky to find Caring Pathways who provided services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. I called in the early morning and was told a vet would be at my house by 10:00 am.

Right on time, Kelly Knolls, knocked on my door. As soon as Kelly entered our home she put us at ease with her compassion. Aran managed to get up to greet her with a wag and her Golden Retriever smile. Kelly explained the procedure and made sure our questions were answered. I sat on the floor with Aran’s head in my lap and spoke softly to her of better days. She died peacefully with us and the most compassionate vet that I have ever met.

Thank you Kelly, you are truly a beautiful person who along with Aran, will be in our hearts forever.

Claudia & Neil Serafin