“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” – Colette

My beloved Archie left this world on June 1. He was by my side through nearly 13 years of changes and challenges: three homes, numerous short term rentals, two stays in Santa Fe, a year in California, and several road trips. Wherever I placed his bed he considered home. His good nature helped me though the loss of my parents and their wonderful friends.

Last year we moved to a high rise. He loved it. Every time the elevator doors opened he expected a new friend. We went for leisurely walks around the neighborhood and met many dogs and dog lovers. The balcony provided him a bird’s eye view of the happenings. He seemed right at home. Once again he helped me adapt to the new circumstances.

He was steadfast, loyal, trusting, some might day dependent (but hat went both ways). He was sweet and very sociable. There was an occasional growl to let me know when he was displeased. Such a lively puppy and a congenial old guy.

His last year was marked by ups and downs. He went to that dark abyss many times, took a look, and decided “nah.” He stayed as long as he could. I’m sure it was for me. Words cannot express how much I miss him.