They were adopted together in 2003 and never spent a day apart in our home until we lost Audrey on this day in 2021.. I will never forget tearfully calling your service at about 5:00 in the morning after spending the night on the couch with her on my chest.  She had had a rough couple of months, but I’m fairly certain she had a stroke the night before, but in true Audrey fashion, after terrifying me with the yelp, and rapid mouth breathing for about 3 minutes.. she was purring away loudly looking precious curled up on the couch a few minutes later. Somehow I just knew that this was the end, and decided against spending that last day in the parking lot at Bay Beach emergency.. we had spent enough time there. But at 5:00.. she had shook violently in yet another seizure and I just couldn’t take it anymore and told my husband that we had to call. Your staff was amazing and told me that someone would be at our home by 7:30.  She passed on her own about 6:50.  She became very alert looked right at us.. took one last breath and sank quietly back into my chest and that was that. It was a good thing, as it gave us time to bring Vivian down. Vivian had had been very attentive for a few weeks and then somewhat not for the past few days. She had spent a couple hours earlier with her sister before going upstairs and not coming back.  We brought her down so that she could see that Audrey was gone and she just lay with her for about 20 minutes. By the time your vet arrived, she was ready to say goodbye and went upstairs. It was a terrible day, but your staff was amazing at making it as kind as it could be.
Vivian stuck around with us till this September.. She stopped eating and we found a tumor in her mouth.. We were forced to schedule a time to say goodbye to our sweet girl nearly 20 years after she came to our life.  These girls were my husband’s first real pets… and Vivian was definitely HIS kitty.. Audrey was more my girl.  Though we both loved them both.. He was surprised by how much losing Audrey affected him.. losing Vivian was harder as we actually had to DO that. They were such a huge part of our lives.. and now we have 2 new sweet sisters.. Ilsa and Holly that have become big parts of our family as well.. but no kittens could ever be as precious to us as Audrey and Vivian were… And we will never be able to thank HRHV for all the care and kindness they showed us as we had to say goodbye to them. So while Audrey left 5Jan2021.. and Vivian left 11Sept2022.. it only seems right to memorialize them together.. as they were ALWAYS together.. My sweet girls..