Our Tribute to Aurora-

Aurora Borealis or Rora for short was Born 01/08/2007- Crossed Rainbow Bridge 01/25/2020 

13 years and 17 days is a long time for a gentle giant of a dog to grace our world with her presence. Part Saint Bernard/ Part Black Lab/ Part Pure Love.

I was 21 at the time, my daughter was 6 months old, and Miss Aurora Borealis had just left her litter to join the coolest girl gang ever formed with us in February 2007. 

Rora was not so easy in her puppy years, always getting into trouble!  One time upon arriving home with my daughter whom was still a baby at the time in hand, I opened my front door to find Rora not in her kennel as I had left her.  She was destructive and busted that kennel, ran around to each room of my house ripping down the blinds because her gal pals had left her behind!  I opened that door to find 3 sets of blinds still around her neck and her as excited as could be to see me! 

Over the years I would witness shenanigans with her and my daughter as they grew up together. Rora was always by her side exploring and protecting.  She was always watching to make sure that kid was not in harms way.  Later we would add my husband to our small gang and he would become one of Aurora’s favorites as he gave into her toy obsessions and I am still finding random toys everywhere and hope years from now that random tennis ball or frisbee reminds me of it.  

If you were ever sad she was the first to come and give a hug.  She was so patient with any animal I rescued over the years. Any babies, nieces or nephews that came to visit she was right there like one of the kids. She was the comforting light for an emaciated Chihuahua we rescued from the streets not long ago.  When our Rue boy, we rescued in December 2018, fell ill she stayed by his side all the way to his journey over Rainbow bridge in April 2019.  

Her last day was spent in her favorite way.  We started off with a car ride over to Sweet Cow off of Pearl Street for Ice Cream,  went Daniel’s park where we took pictures.  She also got to enjoy her last hike there. I carried her hind legs suitcase style with a buddy harness as her long back legs could no longer support her. We went back home for a grilled sirloin steak before we sent her off surrounded by love.  

I can only imagine once she crossed Rainbow Bridge those fields were full of tennis balls, plenty of snakes to catch, and her Rue boy was there to meet her. While it is a little less bright in our world right now I know someday we will be able to cross that bridge and get a good hug Aurora Borealis Style.  

Thanks again Caring Pathways.