Axel was our dedicated, loving, calm, funny, and faithful boy! He was known in our dog community first as an Australian Shepherd puppy running along side me as I was riding my bike. Then as a slower dog, Axel walked next to me without the need of a leash. He loved meeting all of his friends along the path, watching his dog friends running for the ball as he was sitting down, and allowing unfamiliar people to pet him. His favorite time of day was the afternoon walks with Zoey, his bride-to-be, preferring winter weather instead of sunny days. Zoey, Axel, and his best bud, Romeo, loved finding any snow left on the ground to cool off or quench their thirst. He truly had a gentile soul, well, until any type of mail carrier drove down the street, or he saw a few dogs that rubbed him the wrong way. Axel developed a love for his favorite UPS driver, Maura. She would turn off the engine, give Axel a dog treat or two, and pet him. Then when the truck started, his barking began. Axel allowed puppies to jump all over him, lick his face and still remained calm; or he would just get up and move. His gentle spirit, forever brother/son, and faithful companion cannot be replaced. I thank you for all of the joy in my life and the smiles you have brought to me. May God guide you on your journey and may your spirit always run free. Until we meet again my boy! I love you!