I rescued Bea as a young kitten living beneath a building in Florida. The moment I saw his floofy face and bright green eyes, I told him out loud, “You are mine. “ My dad and I cared for him for years, until I moved to Colorado in 2015. When my dad passed away in 2018, I scooped Bea up and made the cross country journey back to CO.

Bea was the best companion. He was with me as I navigated grief, love, loss, and a pandemic.

He began having seizures during his 11th year of life, and after a year of constant medications, he let me know he was ready to move on.

I contacted Caring Pathways.
Dr. Eddie was an amazing, calming presence during an excruciating time. I miss Bea every day, but am so grateful for the 12 years of love we shared.