When I was 12 years old I wanted, no, NEEDED a dog. I begged my parents for one and then I finally got my Bella Rose. I loved this snuggle puggle SO much, I mean, she was easy to love. One look with those big bug eyes and you were hooked. In 15 years she has been with me through it all; heartbreaks, my parents divorce, navigating life, moving across the country, and meeting my soon to be husband, but that wasn’t long enough. There is nothing I am going to miss more than my stubborn and very hungry babygirl. This girl loved flavor! When I was younger and left my chocolate milk Bella was snoot deep, as I got older and left wine behind.. snoop deep! Whatever and when ever she can get her paws on something yummy, she was all over it. There is a reason that she had the biggest eyes, its the way she got EVERYTHING! She had a way of starring at you and sucking you in, she had the “Puppy Eyes” perfected! I know I may be biased but Bella was the coolest most awesome dog ever! She was so smart. She would have a milk bone in her kong and go to the top of the stairs, throw it down so the bone would crack and then she can get her treat faster. She had a huge personality which always had us smiling and always kept things interesting!

When Bella got diagnosed with Lymphoma it was hard to hear, but was finally an answer to all of her troubles. She was a fighter and fought as hard and as long as she could. When we thought we may lose her and were able to have a whole extra week with her, that was the best gift we could have ever asked for.

My sweet Bella Rose, we miss you so much and we will always will. We will forever remember the way you cleaned our floors, snuggled up in the perfect position when I had a belly ache, loved your snacks, and the way you loved me. Your fight is over my love and you are finally able to rest. You will always be so loved and cherished. I am the luckiest gal in the world to have had you. I cant wait until I get to see that little face greet me when I meet you up in heaven. Until we meet again.