Belle was my first baby. When I was looking for a kitty to love she was the first one I saw and I loved her right then and there. She was full of personality, a true Himalayan, She had many sides to her. She was loving, sassy, and playful. Se loved to sleep right above my head and had the loudest purr of any cat I have ever known. I loved her so much and she was everything to me.

When I had my first daughter I was unsure of how belle would handle not being the center of my attention, but she was so happy to meet our baby Ashlyn. She adopted Ashlyn and loved her so much!! Once Ashlyn was out of her crib she started to sleep with her at night. They were 2 peas in a pod. always around each other. When Ashlyn would be scared at night Belle would put her paw on Ashlyn’s hair and pet her head, it was the most endearing thing I have ever seen. When we had our 2nd little girl Addisyn, Belle was just as patient with her and loved her dearly as well.

In her final hours Belle chose to be in the one spot she loved most, Ashlyn’s room. I would like to thank Dr. Magnuson for being so wonderful to us in this very hard time. I am so thankful we came across Caring Pathways.