Our beloved, playful, fun-loving, feisty, high energy, curly-haired Poodle/Lhasa Apso, 20 lb canine friend BENJI was born around October 2007. We met and adopted him from the Denver Dumb Friends League on October 13, 2009. On the drive home, we learned that Benji did NOT enjoy riding in the car unless the window was fully down and he could rest his head on the window-sill with the wind blowing in his face. We shortened his rescue name from Benjamin to Benji and sometimes simply called him Benj. Benji was wholeheartedly cherished and adored right from the start! He quickly became an integral part of our family! Our three children grew up having Benji as their daily companion and most loyal pal! Benji taught each of us love, patience and responsibility. Also that those days, hours and moments can be so precious and fleeting.

It was a welcomed treat for the kids to come home from school to such an eager, energetic buddy waiting to play with them. Benji rotated whom he sat next to in the living room, and whose bed he slept on each night. Each of the kids tried to be near him every waking hour; it was hard taking turns. During mealtime, Benji patiently waited underneath the table for some type of tasty food morsel to drop. He loved to snack on an occasional delicacy from any meat variety! We expanded his winter wardrobe with the cutest small dog sweaters to keep him warm in the snow. We joked that Benji was forever stuck in the toddler phase of development as he loved to chew up (Anything!) including pillows, squeakers, stuffed toys, his own dog bed and anything soft until all of the stuffing was exposed. His little paws would scamper to send us off each time we left the house, and then jump up with excitement to greet us when we returned. He was always right at our feet or in our arms, following us anywhere we went to both inside and out. We miss the sounds of his paws clicking the floor, hugging his curly, furry belly, stroking his soft floppy ears, kissing his angelic face and touching his sweet pink nose.

Over the years, Benji accompanied us through several moves to different cities and homes. Each one he adapted to quickly, so long as he could see one of us nearby. He loved to go on walks and hikes. He often barked to offer protection or alert us about any door knocks from visitors or packages delivered.

We noticed the decline of Benji’s five senses and energy over the past year. It has been so painful watching Benji go through the aging process with failing vision and reflexes. Although we are beyond devastated to have to say our final Goodbyes to Benj on April 25, 2023, we are forever grateful for the nearly 14 years of special memories he gave us. Truthfully, no amount of years would have been enough time spent with Benji as our loyal companion and Best Friend! We will forever love and remember you Benji and hold your sweetness in our hearts. Rest in Peace Benj. You are no longer in pain. Until we meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge…

Thank You to Broomfield Meadows for taking good care of Benji’s health over the years. We give a deep debt of sincere gratitude to Veterinarian Dr. Kristen Neisler who gently helped us navigate through the hardest day of our lives with the utmost kindness, care and compassion we could have hoped for.