Our beloved Cairn Terrier, Brinna, was diagnosed with intestinal myeloma a month ago. She put on her brave face and so the final journey began. We were given the hope for a reprieve from what she was going through, but it was short lived. The drugs stopped working and the chemo made her worse.

I knew it was time to set sweet Brinna free, so I made the call to Caring Pathways. A kind, gentle voice answered my call to help us begin the journey. Then Dr. Kelly came into our home to help us all through a very sad and difficult time. Dr. Kelly did not ever rush us. I loved that, as it gave me/us time to process every step. Thank you Dr. Kelly. I am forever grateful. Dr. Kelly is kind, caring, gentle and loving. Her explanations of what was happening were so sweet and caring. I needed that.

Brinna is no longer suffering and free to run across Rainbow Bridge. I trust she will be waiting to greet us one day!