My Sweet Lil Beanie

…just the most Perfect Little Lass
but, your Love and Light

You, were SO BIG!!

You, were the Cutest Wee Rebel
The Sweetest of Any!!

Many, after meeting you, had said,
“I don’t really like small dogs.”
To the point that, upon hearing that stated
We could count on what was sure to follow
” …but, Browny, is so cool! “

You had a presence
That no resistance could hope too, ever, overcome.
You had strength of character,…
and, THAT, you were!!
And, your persistence of Heart
…will never be rivaled.

I didn’t want a dog but,…
You, …
You, were never that, Beanie
were my own heart’s Saving Grace

Many lives, you have touched
in your, far too short, time
…you were the torch
that brought Life
back into me
Every shattered, splintered piece

…This Little Light of Mine…

I never expected to hear that diagnosis
…couldn’t even finish that call!

I already miss you,
My Beanie Baby
…every bit of you
and, all your loving, happy ways…

I miss you So!

I never would have been ready
I know you held on, as long as you could

Thank you, Cutie-Pie.

Even as I grieve the physical loss
And my world is flying half mast
as I do
I know your Brilliant Light
and, absolutely, Pure Love
…cannot ever really die

My Brown-Dog
My Lil Beanie-Ween
… My Sweet Girl

…I Love You!!

I always will…

Thank you!

9/14/10 – 3/11/19
❤ 💔