My heart is broken but I’m so blessed that this dog came into my life, all the fault of my husband Scott who rescued him and Lola, his bonded mate, when they were 6 years old, in April of 2015. My sweet Bruiser Bird was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer on June 30, and I was told we maybe had weeks left with him. Well, for once he was not a rule follower and 3 months and 11 days later, he was allowed to cross the Rainbow Bridge, with his humans Scott, Tyler, Taryn, Madi, Patrick and myself, along with his fur sister Lola, all surrounding him, as well as his beloved zoo. I have said goodbye to many pets over the years, and I can say that this one has absolutely been the hardest, this dog was my heart and animal soul mate, my guard dog, I was his human, his momma, and he held on so much longer because of his incredible loyalty. We only had him 6 1/2 years but he would have been 13 in November. This one hurts to the bottom of my soul but he was hurting so, this is such a cruel disease, and while my heart aches and will miss him so much, my soul is at peace because I know he is free from pain. Run free, catch those rabbits, do lots of wiggle worms, get those squirrels, eat lots of blueberry cookies and jerky treats and veggie straws, find plenty of chew bones, gather up a whole new zoo, build your blanket nest, and keep the murderers at bay. I will see you again one day my sweet, sweet boy. We will take care of Dad and his neediness, and you’ll forever be his Big Lug. I love you forever my sweet Bird, thank you for being such an amazing guard dog and companion.