We recently said our goodbyes to our lovable and furry family member, “baby” Bruno. After almost 17 years of bringing us so much happiness and unconditional love, Bruno has taken his place on Rainbow Bridge just this side of Heaven. There he anxiously awaits a joyous reunion with the family he left behind to cross over together into Heaven. We miss that cute little face and trusting eyes that greeted us with so much excitement every time the garage opened and we walked through the door. His presence lingers all over the house, which feels so much emptier now that he’s gone. Having lived such a long life is proof that he must have been the happiest dog in the world, and for that we find peace in his passing. We are so grateful to Caring Pathways for providing such a wonderful in-home service. Although the process was heartbreaking, they made it a beautiful and peaceful experience at the same time. It was such a blessing to control the process on our own terms and in a way that was painless for Bruno. Goodbye, rather so long, little Buddy and we look forward to seeing you again down the road. We love you Bruno ❤️