Buddy came into our lives via the Colorado Puppy Rescue. A friend of mine, Kathy, volunteered with them and asked me to play Santa Claus in my Santa suit so the adopters could get a Christmas photo with their new pet. At the end to the days adoption session, Kathy, walks up and shoves this cute little tan and black furball in my face and tells me that this puppy was mine. I really didn’t want a dog but he licked my nose and the deal was done. And so, Buddy came home with us.
That was 12 years ago and he grew up happy and loved… and spoiled rotten with our family. Always loving and happy (especially when there was a treat involved) he outlived his breeds normal lifespan to give us many more wonderful years with us.
Buddy was a 100lb lapdog. He was always somewhere close and loved laying on the bed with us, snuggled in, sleeping peacefully. When a can of Spam (otherwise known around here as “dog crack”) Buddy would bring his under bite smile, perked up ears and the expectant look of “I can smell it” on his face, just in case we were in the mood to “share”. He also loved a good scratch just about anywhere on his body… and he always got them. Buddy was my friend and my wife’s BFF.
In the end, Buddy had arthritis in his hindquarters and he was in a lot of pain. He had a hard time walking but loved to take rides in our Hummer. The night before we had to say goodbye to him, he had a mini stroke and he lost mobility and strength…it was time.
I called Caring Pathways for Buddy, just as I had done for his pack mate Sasha seven months ago. Caring pathways took excellent and respectful care of Sasha and now for Buddy. It was hard to see him go but he came into our home in my arms, and he left our home in my arms and that’s how it should be. I will always be grateful to Dr. Erin and Tech Chloe for their care and tenderness towards my friends.
Sasha is waiting for Buddy on the other side of the Rainbow bridge. There they will frolic and play until it’s time for us to all meet again… and then…cans of Spam for everybody!