Buster…15 years ago we picked you at four weeks old. Of the litter of chocolate labs your darker color caught our eye the most. You were the most mellow and easy to train Labrador. Walks, swimming in Windsor Lake, and being outside in the yard with us were some of your favorite things to do. Over the years other dogs, cats, Paige, and Raelynn joined our family, and you were always the big brother to them. For the past 15 years you have been a part of everything in our lives including: sad and happy times, vacations, home projects, family gatherings, and holidays. You were such an emotional support and ray of sunshine through it all. Most of the pictures we have taken have you in them. The bond and love we have for you will carry on forever and will help ease the incredible pain and loss we feel right now. You are joining all of your special fur friends in heaven, will be pain free, and able to run once again. We want to thank Caring Pathways and Dr. Burton for everything in making this painful/difficult decision the right one.