Cody picked me out in the Fall of 2006. (born 6/4/06) Among many puppies, Cody ran up to me and said pick me up and take me home. He was a beautiful puppy full of life. Cody passed 3 classes at the humane society and became a therapy dog working at a senior center with adults with Alzheimers. He was so loved that the center wanted Cody to visit as much as possible. He would entertain the adults with his many tricks. For many of the adults at the center it was the only time they would talk all day when they were holding Cody. Cody touched many lives wherever he went. He loved all people and animals so he was forever invited into the neighbors homes when we walked or if there was a party he was always included.

Cody’s favorite things to do were many, but playing ball, chasing bubbles, frisbee chasing, and trying to catch the laser light were at the top of the list.

Cody had many nick names: Codyman, pumpkin, Cod-man, puppy dog, sweetie, love bug, sweet heart, sweetie pie, splatapus, Cod, and sweet pea.

Cody always had kisses for everyone and a big beautiful smile that I will forever miss. He loved his scratchies, long walks, and bike riding in is chariot.

Cody taught me about patience, tolerance, love your neighbor, and unconditional love.

When his kidneys failed he looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and said it was time to pass. He was at home for his passing and it was very peaceful and respectful. It meant so much to me that he was at home and I was able to hold him and kiss him goodbye. I will forever be grateful to Caring Pathways (Dr Alexis) for the dignity of the passing.

As the poem Rainbow Bridge says I will see you in heaven Cody. Until then you will always be in my heart and soul.

We were best friends and I will always love you.

Your Dad

Tribute for Cody(passed 10/25/18)