From John and Mindy, Tricia, and Tim Dunbar for Cooper.  Written by John for Cooper that left us last Saturday.


Remembering the boy is not hard to do,

He came to us as a rescue. 

Way back there in December of 2008,

I suppose you could call it our fate.

Many years have past since then,

But you could always recognize his grin.

He gave us joy and laugh as I recall,

Yes, He gave us his all.

So he was ours for awhile,

As cooper and I put in many miles, it was his style.

But now he’s romping in a better place,

Way up there with many delicious cookies to taste.

We say goodbye with the words of this letter,

And thank you cooper for making us all better.

We know you are watching from above,

And how much we appreciated your love.

The end.

Out boy left us late yesterday with the assistance of Caring Pathways here at the house in a very caring peaceful atmosphere with Tricia, myself, and Mindy. Rest assured he was at peace and his pain and suffering ended surrounded by our gentle caring words. We are now at peace as is cooper. Thank you to your Kith and Kin for your comforting support.