Cosmo found me when I was a senior in college in Reading, PA. He is my soulmate cat. Cosmo has been with me for every important moment in my life from college, to my engagement to my husband, to getting married, moving across the country, having my human children. When I was afraid of the dark at night, Cosmo always slept against my back and made me feel safe. He could always tell very early on when I was pregnant. I would bend down to reach my arms out to him and he would stretch up so I could pick him up and hold him like a baby. He would cuddle into a small safe ball on my chest. He was my guy. The love of my life. I will forever feel his absence. Dr. Eddie was an absolute blessing to have as our Caring Pathways doctor. He was kind, caring and accommodating. He helped me to get through the hardest day of my life. Though I know time will heal my heart, I am grateful to Caring Pathways and especially Dr. Eddie for their kindness and support.