Courage became part of our family as a terrified senior dog who had been kept in a cage outdoors at a Puppy Mill all his life. Rescued at the age of 10, he had no idea how to be a dog, no idea how to live in a house, or any of the other things you might expect from a dog his age. Watching this sweet old soul blossom was the most amazingly joyful experience for our entire family – in a year, Courage learned to bark, to wag his tail, to skip around our yard with his doggy siblings, to snuffle his cat siblings, to love love love his human siblings, to love kisses on his nose and ears, to love his big soft dog bed, to love pumpkin and yogurt and dog treats. He was so very sweet, and he forgave humans despite suffering so badly at the hands of some, and allowed us into his heart. We could not have asked for a more loving sweet old man, and we will miss him so much.