Our beautiful golden retriever , Darby, left us on a beautiful spring day a week ago. We adopted Darby in 2009. He was a rescue dog that had been abandoned and starved.

He was a thin, scared small golden. But with lots of love, safety and care his inner golden soon surfaced. We gave him his name as he was a little leprechaun of a dog, and the meaning of his name is “free man”. He became a wonderful registered therapy dog and worked at three hospitals and a medical school comforting and bringing joy to hundreds of people. He loved balls and stuffed toys. He loved soft beds, hiking and swimming.

He and his “big brother” Dillon were constant companions. He overcame many medical issues during his life and always had a positive spirit about him. But, unfortunately, he was not going to beat lymphoma. He was 10 years old, but until his final couple of days always acted like a puppy. Dr. Staci Kim, gave Darby the gentle end that he deserved. He passed with his “brother”,Dillon , my husband and I by his side. Dr. Kim was compassionate and gentle with him (and us!) Your services are so important. Caring Pathways enabled us to let him go in the comfort of his home with his loved ones present. We never felt hurried as Dr. Kim have us the time we needed to say goodbye to our beloved friend. She explained every step of the process and it was clear that Darby’s peace and comfort were of upmost importance to her.

Thank you for the caring ways that you helped us thru this difficult time.