Deuce was adopted at 4 years old by a family member. When his previous owner passed away some years later his fate was to be given away to an unknown stranger or perhaps another shelter. I fell in love with Deuce when I met him, he had a low masculine “meow”! He was very loving and I couldn’t risk letting him go to someone that wouldn’t care for him. My fiancé and I had given Deuce a loving home for the past 5 years. He was extremely smart and loved us unconditionally.

When we found out he had cancer we were devastated and shocked. Deuce rapidly declined in health and with our last visit to the vet, they gave us a pamphlet for Caring Pathways. Selfishly we had a hard time making the decision to let Deuce go, but we could stand to see him suffer.

When Dr. Steve came to us in the last day of Deuce’s life he was very empathetic and caring! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to treat Deuce with the love, care, and dignity like Dr. Steve did! I don’t regret making this choice and couldn’t have asked for a better business to take care of us as a family during that difficult time!