With great sadness 😭 💔our sweet Dixie has crossed over to the rainbow bridge road.🌈🐾 We said our goodbyes 2/21/23, knowing you would no longer be in pain. The next day after your passing, it snowed, and I reminisced how much you loved the snow and enjoyed always eating it. ❄️ It gives me peace 🕊to know in my heart my sweet Dixie was welcomed with open arms from family and jumps of joy from my other pups that have passed on💓.

I knew when I first saw Dixies pictures online she was meant for us. After picking up my baby from her previous owners and they had told me her name was Dixie, it was a done deal she was mine. She came home to join my Dexter and Daimond. We were so lucky to have such a kind, gentle, and loving girl. Dixie loved giving kisses non-stop to everyone. There was never a person who didn’t love her. Dixie was not a picky girl, and so she got the nickname “fat diva,” 💜 although she was never a diva 🤣. She would eat every food🥩, vegetable🥗, and fruit🍉 you would give her to licking the other dogs bowls clean. Each dog has their own personality that you fall in love with and truly miss once they are gone. 🫶🏼 Dixie will forever have a place in our hearts. We were blessed to be able to make so many memories with her throughout the years to look back on, especially on the days I wish she was still here. “Even though you are gone, the light you brought to my life will never fade.” -lovetoknow

We LOVE you, my sweet Dixie, until we meet again! 😢🐾🤍💜

THANK YOU to Dr. Kellie Littrell for helping our sweet baby transition while being there for us. Caring pathways goes above and beyond during one of the hardest days while losing a loved one.