Born in February of 2007, 15+ years old, aka The Docmeister and The Napster Our Doc kitty was the sweetest boy kitty I have ever known. He loved everyone and everyone fell in love with him, he was a kind, gentle kit-kat soul. He was a beautiful Russian Blue that I got from a local breeder at 9 weeks. We had another Russian Blue named Missy, and my husband was hesitant about getting a second cat, but I found him brought him home on my husband’s birthday (he didn’t know anything about it) and held little Doc behind my back, told hubby a big lie-that if he really didn’t want his present, he could return it. Once in his lap however, he fell in love with little Doc. Doc had the cutest little kitty bounce-walk, and when you held him-which was often as he was quite the cuddler-his tail would dip and flip and swirl all the time you talked to him. He loved to eat, he loved sitting in the sun in the garden in the summer and his favorite place was by the fireplace once it got cold. He attended my neighbor ladies’ coffee gatherings so he could make the rounds and be held by all the ladies. He loved loved loved his kitty naps, and if you were sitting in the living room when he decided it was naptime, he would curl up in your lap, and soon the both of you would be asleep. That’s how he came to be known as The Napster- you would be napping soon with his soft little body in your lap and his soothing purrrrrr. Unfortunately, the poor baby had a chronic rhinitis condition, he had lots of trips to the vet and needed meds sometimes, needed his nose cleaned a lot. He was so trusting of me, to let him care for him. He got really ill this fall, and we tried our best to help him get better, and hated to do this right at Christmas, but Doc needed to be free of his pain and suffering. We will always cherish our days and years with just the sweetest boy ever. Be at Peace my little man, I love you so. Your Meowmi