We found Evan, estimated to be 1-2 years old, at the shelter on Jan. 2, 2010 and he brought us more joy in the following 7 years and 3 months than we could have hoped for in our lifetime. And still, we wanted more. He gave us joy and light and laughter every minute of every one of the 2647 days we had together until he passed in our arms April 1, 2017.

And I grieve for the thousands of additional days cancer robbed from us. Working from home, Evan and his mom were inseparable, sleeping beside one another, getting up for sunrise walks every morning, side by side through the day, work breaks to chase the ball in the yard, meals together, naps together. Hikes and trips and drives on the weekends.

Evan granted us a final, inexpressible gift, by hiding from us any sign he was ill until the very end and it was, crushingly, shockingly, but undeniably time to hold him in our arms and give him the gift of a peaceful passing, freed from the cancer found filling his lungs only the night before. I will miss you forever, my beautiful boy. I will love you for longer.

Our deepest thanks to the Caring Pathways team and especially Dr. Lori who made Evan’s last moments so peaceful, surrounded by his people, on his own bed.

Evan’s life and his memorials are housed here: torimask.blogspot.com