Today our “Ginja-Ninja”, Flannigan, crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Flannigan (Flan, Flanny, Ginja-Ninga, Flamalamadingdong…) never met a tennis ball or Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich he didn’t love. He loved being with the family on hikes and cracked us up when he got the “zoomies”. At his prime he was perhaps the fittest dog on the planet going on 4 mile runs in the morning, followed by evening Chuck-It sprints at night (talk about great conditioning training!)

For five years, he was a mix of ‘Golden Retriever, Chau-Chau, Lab’ – whatever mutt mix you can think of, until someone randomly told us he was a Finnish Spitz (turns out – he WAS!!!)

Perhaps his most favorite time of the day was just before bed. Flan LIVED for his nightly routine of going outside (but not actually pooping or peeing…rather standing at the door saying this is a silly routine)…then coming in for a goodnight Milkbone before going to sleep.

He was hands down the best.

We miss you Flannigan! (Cary, Adam, Daniel & Luke)