Our 13-year-old Havanese, Gisele, was the most special dog I have ever owned. She was intuitive, gentle-natured, and had the best eye contact. She was my companion through the loss of my father, brother, and son within a 5-year time span. After losing her littermate, Paige in 2019 from congestive heart failure complications, I couldn’t even imagine life without Gisele as she is my soul connection and support. After a long battle with her own issues with heart failure and on numerous medications, I knew it was time to let her go when she was losing weight, not wanting to eat, and isolating herself most of the time. Making the decision is the hardest thing a pet owner can do. The anticipation and painful thoughts are difficult to work through. Being a transition life coach, I have helped others navigate their losses as well (people and pets). This was the first time my husband and I chose to have in-home Euthanasia and I’m so glad we did. Dr. Kellie showed up right on time, listened to what we wanted to share, and was so compassionate. Gisele was able to be in our familiar home, in her favorite place, with our two other dogs by her side. It seemed more natural and not so clinical. Thank you for providing us with such loving and compassionate end-of-life care that is hard no matter when it happens.