Dear Goober,

Thank you for making every day and every moment better with your unconditional love. Thank you for all the fluffy hugs, cute grunts, big smiles, and endless snuggles as you pushed me out of the bed with your big furry butt. Thank you for the drool and hair that made all my clothes white no matter what color they were. Thank you for being a good therapy dog, spreading your love and helping others, especially a child with cerebral palsy who was afraid of dogs until he met you. It was always so fulfilling driving up to the library for Story-tails with a line of kids waiting and chanting your name.

Thank you for protecting me by letting the neighborhood for many miles around know that a Great Pyrenees lived here. Thank you for always being my loyal co-pilot with a hurricane of hair inside the car whenever I rolled down the window. Thank you for digging holes bigger than you and bringing sticks the size of trees in the house. I will never forget the time driving across the country I “smuggled” you into a hotel somewhere in Iowa in the middle of the night because they would not take dogs. The look on the cleaning crew’s face when we left in the morning was priceless.

Thank you for getting me through my Mom’s passing, three surgeries, and three fun kidney stones. Thank you for being more than a dog and a consistent presence for me over the last ten years in five different states. You made the world smile with your polar bear self and brought joy to many people. I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience the love that you gave from the moment I picked you out because of the big spot on your butt to the moment I said goodbye. When I picked you up for the first time, I whispered into your ear that I will love you until the end and I whispered I love you in your ear as you went to sleep for the last time.

You will live on in my mind, in my heart, and forever be a part of my soul.

Rest In Fluffy Peace buddy.

Dear Caring Pathways,

Thank you for making one of the most difficult days of any pet owners life as compassionate as possible. Although his body gave out, his spirit never quit. He continued to make others smile until his last day, despite the obvious discomfort. Sending you and your fur-kids infinite love and abundance. 

 Please give your dogs an extra snuggle and treat in honor of my beloved Goober.