Our beautiful yellow Labrador, Gus, left us unexpectedly on January 21st. We knew the time was coming, but I didn’t expect this to happen with my husband and my daughter out of town. Late that Saturday afternoon, Gus let me know that he could not go on any longer. He had been fine earlier in the day, but by the afternoon, he could not stand any longer. It was absolutely devastating to see him struggle to stand up and continue to fall over. I knew in my heart I was going to have to call Caring Pathways.

Dr. Kary Walters was at my home within 30 minutes of when I called her. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her that night. She was so caring, compassionate, understanding and cried with me and hugged on Gus with me. I hated to interrupt her Saturday night, but I was so relieved when she answered the phone and when she told me to hang on and she would be right there, and she was. My heart broke as my dog slipped away, but knowing that he was in his home, in his bed, and I got to be with him during those last few moments of his life, I will never forget. I cannot think Dr. Walters enough ..I know it’s taken a while to write this letter, but every time I tried, I had to stop. I just couldn’t get through it.

Knowing Gus is in a better place, playing with his yellow Labrador sister, Lena who left us in August, and was probably greeted by many members of my family that have gone to heaven before me, it’s enough to give me some peace. Gus was everyone’s dog but he was my baby. It’s a lonely house now, with no dogs for now. I know that won’t last long, but for now that’s the way it will need to be.

I hope you’ll share this on your memorial page, my other dog Lena is memorialized on your page as well. I would like everyone to know, who is getting close or may already be there, that Caring Pathways is the absolute best. The best veterinarians, the best support staff, and the follow up afterwards and the compassion shown and respect to the member of your family that you are losing, is without a doubt, the best care. When you have no other choice, and the end of life decision has to be made for your pet, Caring pathways is the absolute best of the best. We have now, unfortunately, used the services of Dr. Lowery, and Dr. Walters. Both of these ladies are absolute gems.

Thank you again, for your kindness.

In friendship,

Brian, Carolyn and Samantha Langan

And of course, our baby, Gus.

RIP, my big boy, when the time comes, I will find you at the rainbow bridge.

Augustus “Gus” 2004-2017