Dear Caring Pathways – You have supported our family and the crossing of three of our dogs over the rainbow bridge now. Our most recent loss was our cattle dog mix Hankie, who after a valiant fight against cancer, let us know over Christmas that he was ready to be reunited with his brothers. On December 28th, Dr. Suzie came to our home and gave our Hankie the graceful and pain-free goodbye he so deserved. Her kindness, understanding, and compassion was nothing short of what we had previously experienced from your team and I can assure you there aren’t enough words or emotions to explain how much that means to us. We will never have three dogs like Ditka, Lex, and Hankie ever again but I know you all understand that sentiment more than anyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there during the hardest times of this dog mom’s life. I truly believe that humans wouldn’t be given the capacity to love our animals so much if we weren’t going to see them again. I have no doubt you feel the same way, as you do so much for those of us waiting to be reunited on the other side of that colorful archway