This is Harley. He was the sweetest of souls. The day we went to the shelter Harley shoved his way right into in our hearts (despite us wanting a smaller, shorthair, female dog), ironic right? Harley had quite the personality. He loved playing with a tennis ball but didn’t understand the game of “fetch”. All you’d have to do is roll his tennis ball and he’d go pouncing to it pushing it around with his paws. We often joked he was a cat in a dogs body, but his “singing” proved that he was indeed a dog, especially a husky. He loved camping and car rides. He enjoyed so many things throughout his long life. But what he enjoyed most in life was being around his family. You could always count on him enjoying a nap near the people he loved. Harley taught my family so many things, but most of all he taught us all how deeply dogs love even to that very last breathe. Thank you for the impact you had in all our lives. You were so loved and always will be.