10/02/2006 – 11/08/2022

My dear Harley, on November 8th, 2022 I said goodbye to you. I cherished every moment we had together. You were the best feline friend I’ve ever known – the best cat I ever had and I’ve had quite a few. As a little girl, I’d dress up my cats in doll clothes and push them around in the doll carriage.

In 2006, when we went to get you at Daddy’s co-worker’s house, we thought we were getting a playmate for Kitty – that you were, but you were so much more. Harley, you were my soulmate cat. We had an understanding of each other that I have never experienced with any other pet. Thanks for always greeting me at the door to welcome me home each and every time I came home. Every night when you came to sleep with me, you’d cuddle up and take your paws to position my arms exactly where you wanted them. Such a loving gesture to make our special connection complete.

From that day when I met you in 2006, you have always had a special place in my life. It was my honor and responsibility – to take care of you, feed and water you, clean your litter box, play with you and keep you safe. But it was so much more than that! Even though you were in our lives for 16+ years, it’s impossible to remember a time before you entered our lives and became so important in our world. You were such a special gift when you came into our world. We had an extraordinary relationship based on absolute trust and love. Words will never be able to express the amount of joy, laughter and love you brought into our home, our lives and our hearts.

In 2016, when you were diagnosed with acute kidney failure, I committed to giving you subcutaneous fluids every week with the help of our neighbor girls who helped me have you for six more years – time which I cherished very much. You loved drinking water from the kitty water fountain and sometimes splashed more than you drank when you’d bat at the water coming from the fountain. I miss you lying by me on the couch watching TV after the dogs went to bed in their kennels each evening. You were such an example of strength and love as you fought that battle with kidney disease and lived a beautiful life of 16+ years.

My world seems so empty without you. My heart is sad and I know yours is too. I know you didn’t want to leave me and I delayed making that decision as long as I could because I didn’t want you to leave either. I selfishly wish you were still here as I miss you immensely but know you are in a better place. Because I loved you so much, I knew I needed to let you go to be with Kitty and Daddy. I will miss you for the rest of my life and you will always be on my mind and in my heart.

God put you in our lives to bring joy and love and you have done that over and over again. I knew you were getting tired, having pain, and unable to enjoy the quality of life you deserved. I knew you were sad when you weren’t able to do the things you liked to do. And, it was out of my love for you that I let you go to a better life! You have fulfilled your mission.

I wish you were still here, but I know that you are now at peace – no more subcutaneous fluids, no more meds in your ears, and no more drives to see the vets’ clinics. I know you never liked going for those rides so I didn’t want to make you take a car ride during the last few hours you were with me on this earth.

The void you have left is immense, but the love, joy, and the happiness I have with you in my memory is very special. Thank you for all the fun years and those special cuddles you gave me – nothing like it. I love, love, love you and miss you so very much! I know that you and Kitty are now together in Heaven enjoying your time together again. I know that when it’s my time, you will be there to greet me again as you have done for the last 16+ years. Thank you for being you my precious furry soul mate.

I would have liked to have had more time with you, but it wouldn’t have been a loving thing to do – just keeping you here longer because I couldn’t say goodbye. I promised Buffy many many years ago that I wouldn’t be selfish and let a pet “hang on” because I couldn’t let go! I know you’re in a better place enjoying a better life – know that until we until we meet again, you will be in my heart and on my mind!

It has been one of the greatest honors and pleasures of my life to spend those 16+ years with you. You healed parts of my heart no one else could – you were there, when Daddy passed and you comforted me during those painful times. I would have done anything for you, but eventually the only thing I had left to do was to allow you to pass without pain and with dignity.

It’s not a surprise that I found myself in that unfamiliar situation when taking care of you meant letting you go so that you didn’t suffer – no more pain from your arthritis, heart failure, kidney failure or thyroid disease. I knew that day was coming for years and I feel blessed and honored that I was able to spend so much more time with you than I ever expected. I really didn’t want to say goodbye to you when I did, but out of love for you, I DID.

When the day came, I didn’t know what to expect. But when you had gotten so thin that I couldn’t get the skin lifted up to put the needle under the skin and when you hissed, I knew it was time. When you were vomiting more frequently and not getting off your bed to meet me at the door, I knew it was time. Saying goodbye to your physical form was such a loss but I know you have so much more in your new life. Thank you for all those wonderful years of your unconditional love while you were on this earth.

Caring Pathways was a true blessing for us. It was so hard to say goodbye to you but they made your final minutes with me so peaceful and relaxed. You were one of the best fur babies anyone could ever hope for in this life. Your unconditional love was immeasurable and constant. ♥️ I’m at peace – knowing that you aren’t suffering anymore. My last act of love for you was to make sure you experienced a quiet, peaceful, comfortable exit from our world. You will always be in my heart and in my memories. That’s the best present anyone can receive. Rest in peace my dear fur baby!