Oh our dear, sweet Ireland dog –

You gave us so much love, happiness and laughter in your 11 years. Since you were just a “tiny” puppy, bigger than many “regular” sized dogs up until your sweet old age, we loved to see you grow, and grow, and grow. While most people were struck by your size, mistaking you for a pony and even a lama, we were most struck by your sweet and delicate demeanor and your expressive and loving personality. You were a wonderful “first born” to us and an even greater big sister to Ivy. We will never forget arguing amongst each other about who ate all the cheese plate at thanksgiving (until we realized it was you who stole it off of the table so quietly!) and all the cookies you snuck out of the Tupperware. You were so funny trying to teach Ivy to say “please” for the nilla wafers (even though we knew you were really in it for yourself!) From Nebraska, to New Mexico, to your final resting place in Colorado, you were the very best of our friends.

Love you always-
Mom, Dad and Ivy