We went to the humane society in my hometown in July, 2008, to try to find a companion for my dad’s friend after my father passed away. While we were talking to the manager of the shelter, someone brought Isis out of a back room to go outside. She was being kept separately because she was getting ready to go to the Larned Correctional Facility Best Chance Dog Training Program. We saw her out of the corner of our eye but Isis had a different plan. She walked up to my husband, sat in front of him and placed one paw on his leg while she looked at him. Halfway home to Denver the next day, I asked my husband if he had thought any more about Isis. We paid the deposit that day and picked her up to bring her home Labor Day weekend, 2008. She was our 2nd baby (after our first, our cat Bi). She was so well trained and went EVERYWHERE with us. She hiked the Rocky Mountains, camped in multiple National Parks, made trips back to Kansas to see the family, and loved to just drive around town with her head out the window. Before we adopted our 2 sons, we had multiple foster kiddos in our home. She was so incredibly patient and loving to each of them. Kids have hugged and kissed on her, dressed her up, fed her her food one piece at a time, taken her for walks, sat on her, laid on her–you name it. She loved picking our son up at the bus stop because everyone in the neighborhood knew Isis. We were devastated when we discovered she had multiple tumors earlier this year. It was so unfair for “The Best Dog In The World” to have to endure this. She never told us she was hurting, she just kept loving us. This was her job for our family and she was outstanding at it. Caring Pathways is such a fantastic organization, helping families in the middle of heartbreak. Everyone from Jessica, who was patient and endured me crying through the initial intake phone call, to Dr Stacee Kim, who was an absolute Godsend and helped us (especially me) through the entire experience. Besides treating Isis with respect, Dr Kim helped me resolve some of the doubt regarding this difficult decision when she commented on Isis’ breathing the minute she met her. It’s been a somber and quiet week without Isis–a big adjustment. We picture her pain and tumor free across the Rainbow Bridge and know she will continue to watch over our family. She was the perfect dog–we will love and miss you forever Isis.

Karla, Suresh, Charlie, Owen, Bi and Maya