Along time ago my husband and me,
moved to the foothills, back then it was “we”.

A house to fix up with a whole lot of land,
the work never ended my garden was sand.

A new job was calling and Doug had to go,
A loneliness formed and I felt so darn low.

Months seemed to pass and a home we did share,
but something was missing to find it seemed rare.

Then one day soon Doug on account calls,
found a small puppy complete with huge paws.

A do nothing shop that took litters and strays,
who knew we’d been blessed, with the start of great days! 

Right when we saw her on impulse we knew,
this wee little one wagged her tail on cue!

Doug picked her right up as she fit in his arm,
someone else tried to buy her we turned in alarm!

Clearly a case of we were there first,
the owner agreed as our hearts nearly burst!

All said and done away we did go,
right on back home with puppy in tow.

She wobbled around and quickly made claim,
twelve acres was hers and she needed a name.

Doug and I watched her and tossed out a few,
but she was so special we had not a clue.

Our soft fuzzy bundle was brown with more black,
would soon only answer to her name as “Jaq”.

We spelled it this way because she was unique,
her training that followed a day plus a week.

Our good little girl had started to grow,
we thought she’d get big, heck we did not know?

An eighty five pounder boy, were we wrong,
to our surprise all she did was grow long!

We did not care as she brought us such joy,
because of her name the vet thought she a boy!

She maxed out at twenty, twenty five plus a pound,
at that time it seemed she was growing quite round.

We cut back on treats and adjusted the scale,
“Jaq” charmed the vet with a wag of her tail.

All kidding aside her weight would remain,
less cookies for “Jaq”, led to her distain.

“Jaq’s” comfy-cozy her bed had a name,
yet she slept with us as the floor she thought lame.

Her toy box was filled and sat on the floor,
I painted with care and kept by the door.

Complete with “Jaq’s” favorite, a small yellow squeek,
if she could not find it she surely would freek!

Our wolf pack together and “Jaq” was the one,
who completed us all gosh we had fun!

“Jaq” barked and played stold peas from the garden,
she’d dig till the weather soon made the ground harden.

Not much for snow “Jaq” preferred the inside,
to snuggle and nap under covers she’d hide.

A brave little girl she had only one scare,
the howl of the wind she’d be under a chair.

“Jaq” got along there was never a fight,
not once did she ever snap, growl or bite.

Years drifted by and to our dismay,
life could get crappy and get in our way.

Illness and drama as most families fear,
we had our sweet “Jaq” to lick every tear. 

Our muscle head monkey was always there,
with cuddles and kisses she gave with such care.

The bond that we shared was far from the norm,
we should have seen the approach of a storm.

Doing dishes one day and letting them dry,
I stared out the window then turned with a :::sigh:::

I looked at my once wiggly fur ball that morning,
the gray on her face hit me hard without warning.

The gaze in her eyes said it all very clear,
“Mom I’m getting old, but it’s nothing to fear.”

Her walking did slow and she stumbled a bit,
but, “Jaq” was a fighter complete with true grit.

Nearly sixteen years have gone by and I try,
to summon the strength for a final good-bye.

When it was time Caring Pathways was here,
kind as could be, our doc was a dear.

She answered our questions and gave us hope,
on such a hard day our doc helped us cope.

“Jaq” was a gift we wern’t able to keep,
I think of her often and frequently weep.

Some tears of joy others sorrow and grief,
our time together to me still seems brief.

When I can’t sleep and I’m up for a while,
I swear that I hear furry paws on the tile.

I’ll be in the kitchen, her favorite place,
she follows me in with her sweet little face.

Politely she asks her eyes have that look,
“May I have a treat or something you cook?”

I smile down at shadows knowing she’s there,
her spirit alive I acknowledge with care.

Two new little rescues have joined our wolf pack,
although they are loved they will never be “Jaq”.

As sure as I’m writing I surely know,
years from now when it’s my turn to go.

I’ll walk right up and cross over a ridge,
and “Jaq” will be waiting, near Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell my sweet angel, monkey girl……..