Our sweet Jackson went to heaven today in our home being loved on by his family. He literally died with his face in the palm of B’s hand. I can’t think of a better way to go! 💙

We got Jackson when he was just 5 weeks old, his mother died during the birth so we got him early. He liked to sleep on my head when he was a Puppy 🐶 and even peed on me a few times 🤗

Chance would cry as a toddler and use his ears to dry his tears. 💙 He loved Jackson had him since he was just 3 years old. They truly grew up together!

Presley and her BF took him on his last walk yesterday and she always has been SO amazing at caring for him ❤️ Jackson loved to sneak into Presley’s room and look for food and dig a little treat out of her trash.

B would take Jackson on his yearly camping ⛺️ trip with all of his childhood friends, he would sit by the fire with B and live it up in the mountains!

But Jackson spent most his time with me as I have stayed at home for so long. He would greet me at the door, follow me in and out as I unloaded groceries, came with me to the bathroom, shower💦, and anywhere I went ALL day everyday! He was my buddy & He annoyed me to no end, but I loved him so much.

He loved to steal food from the trash can 🗑, sneak out as much as possible to take himself on “walks” He would prance home and look at us like… what? 🤪 He LOVED riding in the truck with me and would stick his body out as far as he could to feel the wind in his ears. 💨

In his older years he would bark at nothing, and every person who walked past our house. All he wanted was for them to stop and say hi. Some did and he adored it!!! He loved when any company came over and was mostly excited when his grandma 👵🏻 came to see him. He would wag his tail and shake his entire body!

Jackson was a lover❤️, a bad gas passer 😝, a snorer 🤨, a protecter of his home and family 🙌🏻, He was loyal and will be missed greatly!

He even had a pancake and bacon 🥓 for his last meal 👍🏻 Rest easy old man. We love you!